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Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Incorporated Company is located in Hai’an Industrial Zone, at the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Province, China. The Company manufactures drill pipes, heavy weight drill pipes, drill collars, kellys, casings, tubings and other products. Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Incorporated Company’s 111,000 square meter factory and office buildings are located on our 320,000 square meter property. We employ a staff of 418 people, including 165 technicians, and 81 engineers.

The machine park installed in our facility includes only state-of-the art, modern machinery and equipment, designed to guarantee the manufacturing of highest quality drilling and production tubulars. Most of the critical equipment, including friction welding machines, inspection equipments, upsetters, etc. are improved versions of commercially available equipment on the international market (USA, Europe, Japan), specifically adapted  to enable to enable us to meet the highest industry standards. We have a production capacity of 100,000 tons of heat-treated drilling and production tubulars.

Among many of our proprietary technical in-house innovations and developments, we utilize a set of unique upset machines for drill pipe body, which produce upset sections (ID AND OD) longer than 195mm.This technology increases the strength and toughness of the drill pipe, and also extend the life of drill pipe so that the drilling costs are reduced.

 All our raw materials: pipe, tool joint material, coupling material, etc. are bought from only the very best sources. Before they enter our manufacturing processes, they must be inspected and approved by our well-equipped in-house laboratory, to verify traceability, physical, chemical and dimensional compliance.

As we are an integrated oil field tubulars manufacturer, we have ultimate control of ALL manufacturing steps. Our production and inspection procedures are meticulously adhered-to, by our highly trained production and inspection staff and quality control engineers. Thus, we can guarantee consistent and uniform product quality for ALL our products.

We have the QHSE certificates, and API SPEC 5DP, API 5CT certificates. We also have Welding Certificates from American ARNCO Company.

Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Incorporated Company warmly welcome customers all over the world. We highly appreciate your interest in our company and can ensure you of our most courteous and efficient co-operation.

        Welcome to visit us.


Leader’s Speech

Dear Friends:

        On behalf of Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Incorporated CompanyI invite you to become our most valued partner!

        Nantong Yongda is a young yet energetic enterprise in the Oil & Gas equipment industry. It manufacture high quality drilling tubular products( drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe and drill collars), casing and tubing.

        Nantong Yongda built its state of the art production facilities to enable it to meet the oil and gas drilling industry’s most stringent tubular requirements.

        Our aim is to produce and supply the most up-to-date drilling and production tubulars, that are required to drill for, and produce, the world’s oil and gas reserves, while at the same time, protecting the world’s environment for generations to come.

        Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Incorporated Company invites you to visit our facilities and experience our spirit of co-operation, technology and entrepreneurship for yourself!

        Thank you!


                                                                                                                     Chen Wenfeng

                                                                         Chairman of Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Incorporated Company

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